Town Hall 5 Clash of Clans Base Layouts

TH5 Farming Base Layouts

The Wizard Tower is the new defense in Town Hall 5. Along with the Mortar and Air Defense they are the most imporant defenses on this Town Hall level.

There are two strategies:

  • Protecting Mortar and Wizar Tower: this is recommended if you receive ground attacks mostly like Barbs, Archers and Goblins.
  • Protecting Air Defense: this is recommended if you receive air attacks mostly like Loons.

We also get one more Cannon and Archer Tower that we can use to slow down the enemy troops.

TH5 Hybrid Base Layouts

The TH5 hybrid base is pretty similar to farming base but it has to be able to push some trophies too.

To achieve this we can move a little the storages to the outside as they are the more hit points building we have to help cover the defenses.

TH5 War Base Layouts

A TH5 war base should have the the Town Hall in the center of the base. 

The defenses have to be as much centered as possible to make it harder for the troops to hit them. Specially the Air Defense, Mortar and Wizar Tower as they are the most importante defenses in this town hall level.

The Storages can be place at the border or even on the outside of the base to help slow down the enemies with their hight hitpoints and cover the defenses.

Put the traps strategically and its recommended to put the small bombs in front of the walls to stop the Wallbreakers.

TH5 Anti 3 Star Base Layouts

The key of the Anti 3 Star War bases is that we can totally center the most powerfull defenses instead of the Town Hall.

Its a good strategy in TH5 to center the Air Defense, the Mortar and the Wizard Tower.

We can place the Town Hall at the border or even outside the walls. Doesn’t matter if we get two-starred because the main goal of this type of base is to avoid 3-star attacks.

TH5 Troll Base Layouts

A good Troll base has to be designed to make the enemy player attack by the harder side of the base.

To do this we can place the Town Hall at the border and purposely open up a gap in the Walls to make opponent attack from this place.

The idea is to put all the defense power together in this place (most of the defenses, traps and bombs) to make a big damage and stop the enemy attack.

TH5 Anti Giant Base Layouts

The Giants are probably the most used troop in Town Hall  5. Giants and Wizards are a powerfull army. That’s why it’s importante to have a good TH5 Anti Giant base.

A good Anti Giant base should have:

  • Much Walls compartments as posible to slow down the Giants throught the base.
  • Specially put the splash damage defenses (Wizard Tower and Mortar) in individual Wall compartments to make harder for the Giants to hit them.
  • Spring Traps placed strategically to get rid of much Giants as posible.