Town Hall 4 Clash of Clans Base Layouts

TH4 Farming Base Layouts

Air Defense is the new defense in Town Hall 4, along with the Mortar both are the more important defenses in this town hall level.

They should be centered as much as posible. If you can only centre one due the design of your base, look at your defense replays and look at what kind of attacks you are getting the most. If you receibe mostly air attacks put the Air Defense in the center, if they are ground attacks centre the Mortar.

TH4 Hybrid Base Layouts

A TH4 hybrid base should be able to defend the loot and be usefull to push some trophies.

As in the farming base Mortar and Air Defense should be centered in the base and loot storages and Cannons and Archer Towers should be inside the walls.

TH4 War Base Layouts

In war base the main requirement is to protect the Mortar and the Air Defense.

They should be the most dificult building to acces to and keep the troops away from them as much as posible.

TH4 Anti 3 Star Base Layouts

TH4 anti 3 star bases are rare to see but they are good to defend against same-th-level attackers.

Here applies the same guidelines said before.