Town Hall 3 Clash of Clans Base Layouts

TH3 Farming Base Layouts

Farming bases in Town Hall 3 are quite simple. Loot storages, town hall and mortar should be inside the walls as they are the main buildings to be protected in this kind of bases.

The most common troops to attack with in TH3 are Barbarians and Archers, so it is important to place the Mortar in the center of the base as it is the defense that deals more damage to this troops.

TH3 War Base Layouts

TH3 war bases should have the Mortar at the center of the base since it is the most strong defence in this town hall level.

A good practice is to place storages covering the defenses as they have a high HP and will slow down the troops on their way to te defenses.

TH3 Anti 3 Star Base Layouts

Anti 3 star bases in town hall 3 are pretty uncommon but still usefull if you want to defend against th3 mirror in war.

The Mortar must be in the center of the base and the storages around the defenses to cover them.